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Brennan James Goodwin (16 Years Old)

Brennan was born at 12:05 a.m., a few minutes belated Christmas miracle. He was the first IVF baby born in Kansas, weighing in at 1b 3oz. Born at 24 weeks, Brennan was the youngest baby to survive birth. When he reached two years of age, he had developed a strong love for anything to do with cars and motors. Brennan would sit there and try to figure out what keys were, how lights on a car functioned, and where the car exhaust was coming from. His passion early on was a speck of brilliance, a reflection of his father’s blood. 

At age three, he was driving with his dad (Johnathan Goodwin) on mowers and big machinery. Brennan couldn’t wait to do these things on his own. By five he was learning to drive with his dad. At age ten, he was practically a professional driver, exemplified by backing up trailers, moving Hummers, and driving the 1959 Eagle tour bus and family member, Sissy. Brennan spent much of his time deconstructing anything he could get his hands on just so he could learn the components, functions, and how to put them back together. Brennan is now sixteen and remains highly intelligent. He has mastered welding, shop painting and is the go-to kid at school if anyone needs help on car mechanics. He is going into his sophomore year at Andover High School. Brennan is eager, thoughtful, motivated, sharp, and always has a new project to work on. Like his father, he is less interested in school and more so pertaining to anything about cars.

Brennan’s plan is to follow in his father’s footsteps – becoming a genius in the motor industry. He drives stick like a boss, welds like a machine, and loves to roll mad coal. Brennan likes to hangout with his cousins in his trailer on the side of the land, fix and modify his trucks, play games on his phone, and watch YouTube videos about anything relating to cars.

Gillian Rose Hush (27 Years Old)

For eight years, Gillian grew up in France, Italy and England before moving back to Kansas. She earned a full tennis scholarship at Marquette University. Gillian had numerous exciting internships and jobs, including working with now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, several professional sports teams, and teaching tennis in Fire Island, NY for a summer. After finishing four years on the team, graduating from undergrad, and completing one year of graduate school, Gillian moved back home to Wichita, KS. 

Over the next few years in Kansas, Gillian was the volunteer assistant to both WSU Women’s Tennis Team and Emporia State Men’s and Women’s Teams. Gillian became stronger in the force with experience living with monks in Texas and traveling with a Shaman. Eventually, she moved in with her mother and step father, Michelle and Johnathan. On one of her happiest days, Gillian became a grease monkey for Johnathan. She always wanted to compete with the boys and do what they could do, but better. Learning what it means to be a mechanic brings her a sense of pride, challenge, and most importantly, working with her family makes her feel whole – flooring the 700 horsepower + whips excites her dopamine and endorphins similarly.

 Gillian loves having a relationship with her family and she thinks her parents & Brennan are cooler than they know. She is still super creative and works on several art projects at a time – including the rebuild of her street fighter motorcycle, making art with taxidermy specimens, and writing / illustrating a children’s book she hopes to get published. Gillian is kind, loving, competitive, compassionate, and highly intelligent. Clover, her daughter more than her dog, is perpetually the love of her life. In the fall, Gillian is starting her Master’s in Social Work fifteen minutes away at Wichita State University and working her practicum at West High.

Build Specs:

  • 1993 M998 HMMWV (Iraq War Heritage)
  • Powertrain/Drivetrain:  6.6 Duramax LMM custom built PPE, M1000 6-Speed Allison stage 5 PPE Transmission, 850HP/1600lb Torque, Bio Fuel capable with selectable 2high 4 high transfer case, 263XHD.  H-Line Conversions Duramax Diesel conversion kit for HMMWV.  
  • Chassis:  H-Line Conversions custom 24" travel suspension kit. Fullpowder coated independent long travel suspension.  3" lift kit with custom fuel tank drop.  38"Tires with wheels courtesy of DUB Magazine.
  • Exterior Modifications:  GP line Baja Edition exoskeleton cage, fender flares, rocker protection with Kevlar full power doors. Full powder coat frame, custom modified HMMWV body with Scorpion coatings.  Custom GP line lift hook extensions,  Electric door handles and customized dual fuel system.  Baja inspired rear tire carrier.
  • Interior Modifications:  GP line custom interior with heat/AC.  Custom four seat race inspired seating with primary billet base. 4-point harness safety restraint system. Full passenger independent communications system, 360 degree night vision. Custom live Speed Hut gauge system.  Stage 5 sound proof insulation. Extreme sound system provided by Alpine and Kicker Audio.

We send a heartfelt "thank you" to the following sponsors for their support with this awesome build:  PPE Inc, GPLine, Griffin Thermal Products, Scorpion Coatings, Speedhut, and DUB Wheels!

*Special Recognition*
We would like to recognize Nathan Jeffries and Kyle Helm for their craftmanship and fabrication skills with this build.  They are truly two talented individuals.  We also appreciate Ken Wolkens at StandAlone Harness for his assistance.